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How `Bout a Persona??

How `Bout a Persona??

Is There Any Significant Nutritional Difference Between Grapes and Raisins?? Which Is Better?

We like our grapes every which way-fresh off the vine(or Squished into wine), and shriveled up and packed in small red boxes. Each has a unique  benefits. Red grapes and wine contain the potent antioxidant reservatrol, which is thought to fight cancer and heart disease. while this compound  isn’t as prevalent in green grapes from which raisins are maid, the little dried up fruits do contain more fiber. According to a University Maine Study in New York, the Drying process converts green grapes’ fructose molecules to fructan, a type of fiber that can absorb cholesterol. Eating Half-cup of raisins daily can lower LDL cholesterol level in patients with high cholesterol. Another benefit of laying green grapes out in the sun: concentrated nutrients. “Because raisins have the water  removed from them, they contain more minerals, amino acids, and other antioxidants per cup,” The take-home: include in your diet. put red grapes on the table and raisin in your desk drawer.

-An Article i read in Men’s Health April 2009 issue

A Young Man's Diary: Date Your Guy Best Friend

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Date your guy best friend. Date that guy who knows a lot about you and won’t fail you in any situation especially during the times where you need him the most. Date that guy best friend who you trust and to whom you can share your secrets to. The guy who tells you only the truth and won’t gamble your good relationship through lying.

Date that guy who knows you best. That person who knows that you want a big family and that you want to get married by the time you reach 30. The guy who values how you feel and values your outlook in life. Date your guy best friend who respects you as a woman and as a person. He knows where to put himself in arguments and in most occasions.

Find your guy best friend whom you shared your important moments with. That moment when you delivered your first speech to a huge crowd or to that intimate moment when you knew you had a crush on him. Date that guy who can memorize all of these events and won’t forget your special day.

He’s that guy who is comfortable having you as his company or as his partner. He’ll be there calling you whenever he needed someone to go with him do the groceries or to fetch his little nephew at school. There will be no awkward moments, just happy and special ones.

Be with that person to whom you discussed everything with. He values your opinion that is why he wanted to hear your view regarding the latest political topic or how he looks with his new haircut. He’s your guy best friend, the one whom you can talk everything with, even if it takes forever, he’ll be there to listen.

You’ll accept him even if he has a lot of imperfections, for he is your guy best friend. He’s that guy who loves to wear that dirty old stained blue jeans, the one who burps after he eats or the person who loves to read books. To you, he’s perfect. To him, you’re perfect too.

Date your guy best friend who you know best. There is no pressure on how to be liked or no worries about not looking to good and especially, no little lies. He’s that person whom you can have the most honest relationship with.

This is one of the Highlighted scene of the anime Series ONE PIECE, in the photo they sort of doing a promise to each other that when they put their shoes/feet on top of the barrel there is no going back because they were very close to Grand Line. Very Nostalgic ei??

This is one of the Highlighted scene of the anime Series ONE PIECE, in the photo they sort of doing a promise to each other that when they put their shoes/feet on top of the barrel there is no going back because they were very close to Grand Line. Very Nostalgic ei??

ulquiorra schiffer of the anime BLEACH

ulquiorra schiffer of the anime BLEACH

Bleach - Vaizards

New One Piece Calendar Cover!

Sa totoo lang

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Masakit isipin at marinig na sinasabi ng mga babae na pare-parehas ang mga lalaki. Lagi daw nananakit, nangiiwan at nagsisinungaling. Kung alam niyo lang, sa dulo ng isang mahabang araw, bago namin ipikit ang aming mga mata, kayo ang laging sumasagi sa aming isipan. Mahalaga kayo sa amin, sana nga lang, maniwala kayo.

Hindi pare-parehas ang mga lalaki, siguro lang talaga, hindi mo pa nahahanap ang tunay na magmamahal at magbibigay importansya sa iyo.

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You KNOW how i feel about bacon…

Now i’m Craving for these foods!


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Taking her to the movies, again?

This world is a lovely place and you’re taking your girl in the movies? Look around you, there’s a myriad of activities to do and places to explore than settling in the four corners of that dark room. Take her out, because she deserves no less than that. That might be the reason why the relationship is getting dry, c’mon you’re the man here so stop complaining. Don’t give me those excuses— every person has an outdoor persona, and your challenge now is to satisfy that kid in her.

Enjoy the sun, feel its warmth on your skin, lie in the meadows. Tell her how much you need her— like the sun to every living creature on the face of the earth, like bow to arrows, like honey to bees and like how dying stars create new galaxies. Lie there a little longer, close your eyes if the ray blinds you or cover it with your hands, let it touch the contours of your fingers and the lines of your palms. And tell her she shines brighter than the sun.

Hit the beach, wrestle with the waves, make sand castles. Believe me, when you’re doing it with the girl you love that’s one of the most time-worthy challenge. Stay there a little longer, wait until the sun sets. Tell her she puts colour in your life the way the setting sun radiates the dark sky into palletes of crimson red, purple, orange and different shades of blue.

When the night comes, climb the roof and wrapped her around your arms when she feels cold. Say your promises with the moon. Stay there a little longer, tell her she is the most interesting person you know. Tell her that she’s as intricate as the patterns int the Northern Sky. Do stay there a little longer, muse at the stars, name the constellations and when she asks you what you wished when a shooting stars pass stare at her instead. Whisper that she makes your life complete and that you can’t wish/ask for more.

Rent a bike, hit the crossroads together, explore the outskirts of the town. Breathe the fresh air and go a little farther, and when your realize you’re lost, throw your cares away and go a little farther until everything becomes fleeting. Until the two of you drift with the wind, over the trees and off the pavements. Until the two of you defy gravity touching the fluffy clouds. Jump off a waterfall, free fall holding hands, climb a mountain, bungee jump, scale old lighthouses, skydive, para-glide—- this list can go on forever, think lame head.

Take her to the zoo, bring her to art galleries, visit museums or spare an afternoon in city libraries. On her birthday bring her to a rock concert, acquaint her to the moshpit—this will sure be in her most unforgettables. Go to public parks, feed the birds, stare at strangers, mimic the statues, stand on the wooden benches and hug her at the back. Make that romanticizations work.

That point and shoot camera, explore it brother. Do manual exposures. Play with the ISO, the apperture, the shutter speed and white balance. I’m sure she’ll love it. Photographed her, tell her she is beautiful, not because you wanna woo her, but because it is true. And she’ll be comfortable in front of the camera. Do document your moments together, that’s the best relics your children can see in the near future.

Sing her a song, write a poem while she sleeps in your lap. Raid the fridge, bake cookies, cook a strange dish, make her a breakfast. Visit an old friend, play with the garden hose, adopt a stray cat, design shirts, bathe in the rain, let her paint your nails pink.

Mate, movie tickets are expensive, skip it and save the penny. In a year time, the money will be enough for that dream out of country vacation you’ve been dreaming of since forever.

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